Old School Neo Traditional Animal Tattoos by Liam Alvy

Old School Neo Traditional Animal Tattoos by Liam Alvy

Cool old school animal tattoos by Liam Alvy, tattooer at The Family Business in London.

Animals have long been among the most popular tattooed images throughout tattoo history. It might be due to their impressive nature, amazing skills and personalities, ways and means of living, survival spirit and exotic looks. Whether big or small, each animal plays a huge role in the Earth's ecosystem, which makes for a worthy tattoo subject. People get animal tattoos to symbolize different aspects of their lives. Like a panther for strength, eagle for majesty, or a bird to represent the dream to fly and realize one's goals in life. So, if you're the old school type and are looking to get an animal tattoo, then you've landed on the right page! Check out these old school neo traditional animal tattoos by Liam Alvy and let us know your favorite! 

All images via Instagram

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