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Oliver Macintosh's Beautiful Black and Grey Gardens

Oliver Macintosh's Beautiful Black and Grey Gardens

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Roses you can't kill regardless of how much you neglect them

Unless you’re a regular Johnny Appleseed, keeping plants alive can be somewhat of a daunting task. I would know, as somehow I have managed to kill around ten cacti in the time span of about three years, regardless of the fact that they seem to be the hardiest plants around, able to survive even Death Valley. But my house? Nope, not gonna happen, and I know I’m not alone. 

Working out of Frith Street Tattoo in London, Macintosh’s work consists largely of fine lined black and grey. While all of his work is absolutely phenomenal, his real standouts are his incredibly realistic looking roses. Using the tiniest of needles, Macintosh manages to create beautiful renditions of roses, perfectly unfurling their delicate petals with a pass of his machine. Taking care to express even the most minute details, even the leaves of his roses are perfection down to the last ridge, so much so that you can nearly feel their slight fuzz.

The rest of his work consists of an eclectic mixture of animals, religious portraits, hauntingly beautiful renditions of death, but always in his signature fine lined, black and grey style. Big or small, the commonality in all of his pieces is their incredible intricacy that’s only found in a true master of the style’s work. So if you’re looking into a botanical piece, look no further. We promise the upkeep on this one will be infinitely less work than that of the real deal.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

Staff Writer at Tattoodo. I have a three legged cat that drools.

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