Olympic Swimmer Anthony Ervin's Remarkable Ink Story

Olympic Swimmer Anthony Ervin's Remarkable Ink Story

No doubt, that Anthony Ervin's impressive tattoos got all our attention in Rio on the swimmer starting block.

After Ervin won gold at the Sydney Olympics in 2000, he decided to quit competitive swimming and joined a rock and roll band. 

"When I gave it all up, I went into my chrysalis and did all my partying and self-actualizing in New York,” - Anthony Ervin, Rolling Stones in 2012. 

His life turned into a crazy, uncontrollable journey with partying for weeks, doing drugs, depression and even numerous occasions trying to kill himself. In 2008, thanks to his friend, who offered him a position at NY swimming school, Ervin pulled himself together and turned his life back to normal. 

Anthony Ervin shared with CBS news that getting all inked up was part of his crazy lifestyle recovery process. 

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“For me, getting the tattoos was a way of reclaiming my own skin, and regaining control of myself.”

Congratulations, Anthony, on winning your second and third gold medals in Rio.

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