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Omens, Symbols, and Totems: The Magic of Snake Tattoos

Omens, Symbols, and Totems: The Magic of Snake Tattoos

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Snake tattoos represent many things for many different people. We collected some of them in hopes of inspiring you.

The title of this collection of incredible pieces says it all: omens, symbols, and totems. Snake tattoos symbolize a great many things, and depending who has the tattoo, who tattooed it, where the imagery is from, where the people from, and more, the meanings may change. Snake often get a bad rap for being untrustworthy creatures of the underworld who are slithering around taking care of Satan's business, but there are many cultures and stories that show snakes as powerful and wise creatures who are keepers of the vast secrets of life. Check out these snake tattoos, and ponder what they could mean...

Although some of these snake tattoos may not mean a thing, but look very very cool, the serpent is one of the oldest and widely used symbols. Many myths surround this mysterious creature, and not all of them may be what you expect. The Hopi, for instance, celebrate yearly the union of a sky spirit, Snake Youth, with an underworld spirit, Snake Girl, through dance. As the story goes, their union saved the balance of nature and renewed its fertility. In Asia, many Buddhist statues are shown being protected by a naga, Mucilanda, who sheltered Buddha from a storm while he was meditating. Nagas are often that of as great wise and patient creatures.

Snakes also are thought of to be symbols of vengeance due to their quick, reactive movements and their often poisonous bite. But because of their venom they are deeply connected to other plants, such as fungi, that also contain poison. This poison can either be healing, or hurtful, and because of this, ancient people had much respect for the snakes power and thought of it as close to divination. Whatever the snake means to you, it's clear that for centuries the human connection with serpents is deep and vast. What do snakes mean to you? What would your snake tattoo look like?

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