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OMGURD, You're So Cute Tattoos!!!

OMGURD, You're So Cute Tattoos!!!

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

Want some eye candy in the form of cute tattoos? Just check out today's selection of the cutest to bootest pieces!

We've talked before about how uber-cute overload actually triggers aggressive tendencies in humans brains and why that's a fascinating topic especially when looking at these super cute tattoos ! Don't you just want to squeeze some of these until they pop? Or is that only something you feel when looking at adorable fur baby friends? Fret not: this collection of cute tattoos includes animals, pop culture icons, and even our favorite country star: Dolly Parton. Actually, calling her a country star is sort of reductive...Dolly Parton knows no boundaries or labels. She does it all...which is probs why we love her so much!

In any case, even if Dolly Parton isn't your thang, we've got Lisa Simpson, and the boys of Spongebob Squarepants sharing cute moments. Cute tattoos come in so many forms so we've tried to do them justice in this tiny collection. It's awesome that some artists like Suflanda create cute to boot creations with an illustrative touch, while Jason Ochoa can go from tattooing bad ass traditional reapers and pin ups to tattooing cute tattoos like baby skunks and kewpies! Even if you're one tough cookie, we're sure you can appreciate these awesome pieces and love them as much as the clients must!

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