On Paper Exhibition: Booth Gallery X Last Rites

On Paper Exhibition: Booth Gallery X Last Rites

Booth Gallery and Last Rites put together a group show 'On Paper'...this is where tattoo and arts culture collide.

February 8th from 6pm to 9pm, Booth Gallery and Last Rites Gallery, and extension of Last Rites Tattoo Theatre, will be hosting a group gallery show: On Paper. A continued foray into the art world, and broadening the definition of what fine art really means, Paul Booth's galleries have become a mainstay in New York City for experimental pop surrealism, and more. 

Booth Gallery and Last Rites both contribute support to the idea that the tattoo community and the fine arts community are inexorably linked. They uphold the kind of artistic devotion, mastery of technique and depth of aesthetic that we absolutely respect and adore.

The On Paper show promises to be another incredible event that includes visual artists including Alex Merritt, Miles Johnston, and David Stoupakis. Via the press release, "We are excited to announce our first exhibition of 2019 'On Paper' a collaborative exhibition between Booth Gallery and our sister space, Last Rites, showcasing a collection of works on paper by artists from both gallery programs." Considering that the gallery has shown pieces by artists of high caliber like Odd Nerdrum, and is known for their intense productions, such as the annual 13th Hour show, the first event of their 2019 season will not be a disappointment. 

Booth Gallery, which resides on the ground floor, is a gorgeous open space perfect for gatherings of the surrealist type. Follow the staircase leading up and you'll find the Last Rites Gallery, within which sits the Last Rites Gallery Tattoo Theatre. The studio boasts not only Paul Booth but also resident artist Yomico, as well as guest artists like Stefano Alcantara, who will be visiting the studio from February 28th to March 1st. Tattooing is certainly the focus here but that is also fused with an  atmosphere created by candlelight, deep blood red velvet, as well as the works of H.R. Giger, and Emil Melmoth. This is the shop in New York for a deeply unique experience. 

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