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On the Wings of Earth Angels: Beautiful Bird Tattoos

On the Wings of Earth Angels: Beautiful Bird Tattoos

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Traditional, Neo Traditional, and Realism create lovely bird tattoos in this flock of pieces that practically leap off the skin to sing!

Well, spring has sort of sprung in certain places around the world...and we noticed that some people are celebrating with bird tattoos that practically leap of the skin to sing! As always, we try to give you a wonderful selection within each tattoo themed article, just to show that no matter what design you have in mind, there's definitely an artist who can skillfully get the job done. In this collection we have Traditional tattoos, Neo Traditional and even an insanely gorgeous Realism tattoo by Ash Lewis, that will have you staring in disbelief.

Swallows seem to be a popular piece when it comes to choosing a bird tattoo, and we can tell you why. Not to be confused with sparrows, which have a similar body shape, swallows were used by many wartime soldiers and sailors during the genesis of American Traditional. They became an important tattoo because swallows are known for their loyalty and dedication; even further: they always return home. Pretty important for a veteran, right? Swallow tattoos also denoted distance. A sailor with one bird would have traveled about 5,000 miles, while a sailor with two birds clocked about 10,000 over the course of his duty. And if he was an unfortunate soul lost to the casualties of war, it was said that the swallow would carry his soul to heaven. Of course it was Norman Keith Collins who pushed these particular bird tattoos to their current status of fame. You may also know him as Sailor Jerry.

But don't be fooled. Although the swallow tattoo is certainly iconic, there are certainly many more bird tattoos to be had. This especially rings true considering that there are over 400 billion birds on this lovely planet Earth. That makes about 40 to 60 birds per person...not that we suggest getting that many bird tattoos; that may be a little overkill. However, just taking a quick look through this collection, as well as our archive, and you'll see that there are many other feathered friends that people seem to resonate with. Owls, in particular, can either denote a love for Harry Potter, or for the overall wisdom, magic, mystery and ancient knowledge that they are known to symbolize.

We've noticed that many other bird tattoos are also a signifier for people who simply love nature, and want to preserve their connection to it. And although there are 400 billion birds on the planet, there are definitely still some species that are endangered. More than a few different types of eagles, owls, and cranes are on the list. Out of 10,000, 416 species are endangered...which may sound like a drop in the bucket, but considering birds are extremely important to our ecosystem, it's always nice to help out where you can. Book a bird's not only meaningful, but it can also remind others how important our avian amigos truly are!

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