One Ryan Reynolds Like = One Ryan Reynolds Butt Tattoo

One Ryan Reynolds Like = One Ryan Reynolds Butt Tattoo

This super fan's backside will always remember his fleeting Twitter interaction with the Deadpool star.

When Andy Warhol said, "In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes,” he probably did not envision the power of the internet. Getting that 15 minutes is easier now than ever thanks to the global connectedness provided by hyper text transfer protocol. Every day we are faced with click-baity stories about individuals who have captivated the world through some benign and humorous act.

Perhaps no one pulled that off better this week than a Florida teenager who got Ryan Reynolds’ name tattooed on his ass in Comic Sans. Once the story broke, we knew we had to talk to this kid.

“This is my first tattoo, but there’s a lot I want to get. I want to eventually get sleeves plus a few more in other places,” says Dustin, aka Poolspidey on Twitter. Last week, he tweeted at Ryan Reynolds saying that if the actor hit the tweet with a like, Dustin would get his name tattooed on his butt. Reynolds smashed that motherfucking like button, and the rest is history.

“I do have to say I’m proud of myself for going through with it,” Dustin says. “I actually am fairly surprised. I expected it to get a lot of retweets and likes, but I wasn’t really expecting articles to be written or for it to be shown on TV.”

When trying to figure out how exactly he wanted Reynold's name emblazoned on his behind, Dustin turned to the same font that middle management uses whenever they want to feel cool, “I chose comic sans because someone tweeted me saying ‘comic sans is the only way you can truly capture Ryan Reynolds' essence.’” While this explanation paints a picture of impressionable youth, the answer does in fact check out.

“The tattoo artist, Chris Bath, seemed to think it was pretty funny, though he said it wasn't the weirdest thing he's tattooed on someone,” Dustin tells us.

While Reynolds has yet to comment, we’re sure he’s highly amused, perhaps even honored, by this fan gesture. Tattoo aside, Dustin is a huge fan. He says his favorite films by Reynolds are, of course Deadpool, but also The Proposal, Self/Less, and The Nines.

Dustin is still in high school and works a part-time job. He doesn’t quite know what he wants to do with his life — he’s currently interested in becoming a high school English teacher or an actor, but has no idea what his college major will be. It is unknown if this tattoo is the last we’ll hear from Dustin, but we have a feeling that since this all worked out so well, we may see a huge influx in butt tattoos for celebrity likes. And as tattoo journalists, we couldn’t be happier about such a prospect and the job security it brings.

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