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One to Give, One to Receive: Hand Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

One to Give, One to Receive: Hand Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

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Job stoppers are becoming way more accepted by society, and these hand tattoos prove they're an art form all their own.

For a long time tattoos were considered to be reserved for criminals, sailors, and other characters from the wrong side of the tracks. Finally we have come to the age where everything is becoming more acceptable through mutual understanding and compassion...and this includes tattoos. Generally, the stigma against tattoos is lifting and even hand tattoos are becoming a trend. Back in the day,

Although hand tattoos may seem subversive now, there was a time, in ancient years, where it was a commonplace practice. From found female Egyptian mummies to Otzi, the Iceman mummy, tattoos have been proven as a distinctly human element of expression. And although Otzi may only have dots here and there, Chiribaya mummies, found in Peru, are covered in elaborate decorative swirls that have clearly stood the test of time. Their hand tattoos, neck tattoos and face tattoos are some of the most gorgeous examples of true tribal tattooing. In some cultures tattoos were reserved for criminals, while in others tattoos were used as a form of protection or medicine, still in others we find the exact same reason we still find today for tattooing: just for the pure love of something! Ptolemy IV, Egyptian pharaoh 221-205 B.C, was said to have had ivy leaves tattooed on him to prove his love and devotion to Dionysus, God of wine. 

So although you may not be able to take the jump yet and get what is jokingly referred to as a "job stopper", we hope you enjoy these hand tattoos. Tattoodo is dedicated to bringing together artists, clients, and incredible tattoos to the best tattoo community online. Keep in touch with us through Facebook or download our app to get the most up to date awesome tattoo images and news!

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