Opening of Zoe Bean’s 'Keepsake' Goes Off Without a Hitch

Opening of Zoe Bean’s 'Keepsake' Goes Off Without a Hitch

8 of Swords resident tattooer and fine artist Zoe Bean’s most recent solo art exhibition did not disappoint.

8 of Swords resident artist Zoe Bean debuted her first solo art exhibition this weekend at the cozy Brooklyn tattoo shop and it did not disappoint.

Entitled “Keepsake,” the show featured over 70 ink drawings ranging from medium-sized to tiny, to tinier, and in each piece Bean utilized her signature style of fine lines and countless tiny dots to portray feelings of nostalgia. Each work, titled ambiguously with seemingly random dates, referenced a personal memory. Some pieces “dated” as far back as 1979.

Bean’s artistic sensitivity, as we’ve seen consistently in her tattoos, shone brighter than ever in “Keepsake.” The walls of 8 of Swords lent themselves to one insanely detailed reinterpretation after another— some displayed traditionally in simple frames and others encased in tiny cameos hung with ribbon.

Some personal favorites of ours included a micro portrait of Marilyn Monroe, a Victorian-inspired home with unexpected pops of blue ink and the most detailed little death’s head moth. Another notable piece was one of Bean’s larger works which we admittedly gawked over for probably too long — a flamingo balancing an unbelievably detailed house precariously on its back.

The many eager onlookers alternated between basking in the sheer impressiveness of Bean’s attention to detail, making trips to the bar sponsored by Flying Dog Brewery and Sailor Jerry, and chatting with equally enthusiastic guests over a soundtrack consisting of everything from Blondie to Biggie. It was, without a doubt, a night to remember.

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Congratulations to Zoe on a wildly successful opening night of “Keepsake.” If you didn’t make it to the party, fear not  —  the show runs through July 10th. And to be honest, any excuse to hang out with the 8 of Swords crew is a good one.

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