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Order a Pizza From Your Arm with a New 'Tattoo'

Order a Pizza From Your Arm with a New 'Tattoo'

This new "tattoo" from Pizza Hut will apparently allow you to order pizza from your arm.

The latest in useless inventions that are related to tattoos, Pizza Hut has developed a stick-on tattoo that allows you to order pizza from your arm via a QR code.

All you need to do is scan the QR code and it will apparently link you to a Pizza Hut app or something that will allow you to order your favorite pizza. I think it's pre-programmed to deliver your favorite pizza or something?

Either way, the "tattoo" is ugly as all hell.

You can head to Pizza Hut's Facebook page to get more details. In the meantime, I'd like to make a gripe about the aesthetics of this sticker tattoo.

What the hell were they thinking? This thing looks horrendous. It looks like the slice is topped with a QR code. Luckily, only 40 of these monstrosities exist and they are only available in the UK, so before they come stateside, Pizza Hut, I beg you, reconsider your design. How about something like this?

Also, I think I'd rather just call Pizza Hut or walk in. The QR code thing is unique, yea, but who is ever going to actually use that? And walk around with a silly sticker on their arm.

Also, stop trying to make tattoos have a function! The function of a tattoo is to look badass. They don't need to order pizza for you. For fuck's sake, how lazy are you?

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