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Order of the Phoenix: 8 Fiery Fawkes Tattoos

Order of the Phoenix: 8 Fiery Fawkes Tattoos

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The perfect design for any hardcore Potter fan, these Fawkes tattoos are awesome.

As Dumbledore's long term companion the highly intelligent phoenix Fawkes has become one of the Harry Potter universe's most loved characters. An ancient bird Fawkes played a key role in a number of milestone moments within the books, not only did his tail feathers provide the core for both Harry's and Voldemort's wands, but he also served as a the inspiration for the Order of the Phoenix's name. 

With his fiery feathers and incredible power, Fawkes serves as one hell of a phoenix tattoo and is a great design choice for anyone after a subtle Potter inspired design. Check out these awesome Fawkes tattoos and relive the Harry Potter series through one of its most loved and enduring creations. 

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Written byRobert Davies

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