Ornamental Blackwork Tattoos by Matt Stopps

Ornamental Blackwork Tattoos by Matt Stopps

Matt Stopps' blackwork tattoos are intricate, bold, and teaming with spiritual energy

Matt Stopps creates powerful ornamental tattoos. His work not only has a extremely impactful appearance, it is also rife with sacred symbolism, featuring traditional designs associated with mysticism of eastern religions, like Hinduism and Buddhism. His take on blackwork is stylistically diverse; in some pieces, he captures the aesthetic of mehndi, while in others he shows off his skills at stippling, but all of his work is both impressive and intrepid. 

Because of its incredibly pronounced presence on the body, Stopps' blackwork is unmistakable; you can recognize it from a distance. His take on the style stands out so much because of his use of bold patterning. Regardless of whether he's working in wide lines or heavy dotwork, all of his pieces have a recognizably prominent aesthetic to them considering the intense amount of intricacy that he packs into each one. 

Stopps specialty is sacred geometry. He's mastered creating these incredibly intricate and profoundly meaningful designs. Throughout his portfolio, you'll encounter everything from more common figures like floral mandalas to more complex and esoteric ones, such as The Flower of Life, Oms, and other mystical symbols. In short, his work is as rich with spiritual connotations as it is refined on a technical level. 

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To get lost in the complexity of more of Stopps geometric masterpieces, find your way to his Instagram. He works at The Family Business Tattoo in London, England and can be reached at stoppstattoo@gmail.com if you'd like a piece ornamental blackwork of your own.

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