Ornamental Tattoos by Laura Jade

Ornamental Tattoos by Laura Jade

Get ready for some exquisite ornamental body art featuring flora and mandalas.

Laura Jade produces some of the best ornamental tattoos around. She's capable of interweaving floral imagery, latticework, and mandalas seamlessly in order to create breathtaking works of art. Check out this sample of her astounding ornamentation for the body.

Jade's ornamental tattoos that feature floral and paisley patterns are exquisite. Though they preserve the purely decorative essence of this style, they also point to the beauty of nature with their sprawling vines made of negative space and occasional outcroppings of petals.

Though her subtler ornamentation is wonderful, her tattoos that feature mandalas, both abstract and floral, are the best. Her mandalas that strive for geometric perfection are gorgeous as well as mesmerizing. However, the ones that take after flowers are arguably more charming, especially when she infuses them with vibrant colors.

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We hope you find these ornamental tattoos by Jade as attractive as we do. If you want to examine more of her intricate decorations for the body, pay her Instagram a visit. Also, she works at Off the Map Tattoo in Grants Pass, Oregon, if you want to be adorned with ornaments as well.

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