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Ornamentals & Florals by Hannah Pixie Snowdon

Ornamentals & Florals by Hannah Pixie Snowdon

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Creating Abstract Beauties With "Intention and Magick"

Out of all the styles in the collective realm of tattooing, abstract is quite possibly some of the most interesting. Centered around the idea that a tattoo doesn’t have to have a specific meaning, or even a specific shape or genre, abstract tattoos are forever open to interpretation in every sense. Artist Hannah Pixie Snowdon is no stranger to this notion, creating bold, abstract tattoos that are steeped in both intention and “magick.”

Creator of Black Stabbath, her own clothing and accessory line that specializes in abstract designs, Snowdon is a traveling tattoo artist based out of the UK. Creating highly abstract floral designs that are both bold and ornamental, Snowdon’s style is centered around the idea of tattoos not as a decoration, but rather as a way to ground and root oneself in a deeper type of symbolism, in essence, tattooing with intention. Using elements of pointillism and dot work, her abstract floral beauties are simplistic in nature, lacking any true details that a classic floral motif would rely upon, instead focusing on the overall figure.

You can see more of Snowden’s magical motifs on her Instagram.

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