Ornate Black Pattern Tattoos by Mike Wolf

Ornate Black Pattern Tattoos by Mike Wolf

Bold geometry and intricate patterns take Mike Wolf's tattoos to the top!

One of the best patternwork tattooers in Europe, Mike Wolf is an artist to admire. This German tattoo artist is highly regarded for his brilliant blackwork tattoos and it's pretty clear why. Creating amazingly detailed designs, Wolf's tattoos are inspired by classic geometry and patternwork and are all finished with the same classy blackwork look. From large sternum designs to rad hand tattoos, Wolf is on it and does it better than most others! 

An artist offering endless tattoo inspiration, the work of Wolf holds its own against some of the best patternwork tattooers in the world. The detail and quality of Wolf's tattoos are first class and something you have to see.

For more stunning geometric blackwork, be sure to check out this recent post of mine: Jakub Romanowicz is a Geometric Master!

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