Ornate Patternwork Tattoos by Ian Lutz

Ornate Patternwork Tattoos by Ian Lutz

Detailed designs in a clean style are what Ian Lutz does the best!

On the road tattoo artist, Ian Lutz produces top class tattoos, with his two specialties being traditional and patternwork. Now while his traditional tattoos are some damn good designs, it's his flawless patternwork tattoos that really take your breath away.

Designs big and small come from the hands of Lutz and each one is as special as the next. Whether it's an epic geometric inspired piece or a small linework design, Lutz really brings it home and his work alone is more than enough to prove it! 

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Endlessly inspiring, these awesome patternwork tattoos will leave you in need of more, so be sure to give Lutz a follow on Instagram to keep up to date with this great artist. 

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