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Oscar Gold: Marvelous Movie Tattoos

Oscar Gold: Marvelous Movie Tattoos

Tattoo Ideas1 min Read

In celebration of the upcoming Oscars, we collected some of our favorite movie tattoos out there.

Okay, so...obviously the 2019 Oscars are far far in a good two or three weeks...but since film is another one of our passions over here at Tattoodo, we figured we'd celebrate all month long by not only binging on our favorite flicks but collecting more of our favorite movie tattoos! This selection actually also includes some Oscar winners itself...There Will Be Blood and Rocky both won awards...and what is really crazy is that we just found out Saving Private Ryan actually got snubbed. WTF Oscars....apparently Full Metal Jacket didn't win either even though it was nominated in the category for writing. Pfft. 

But more on this years Oscars, held February 24th, it looks like there is some serious squabbling by film industry insiders...Vanity Fair actually published an article that looks at all the debacle going on. From host issues, to changes in traditional Oscar looks like the hope to reinvent the awards show is actually causing some problems, but also, somehow, keeping the Oscars relevant by all the dramatic media coverage. Pass us the popcorn, scroll through these movie tattoos, and let us know when it's over..mostly we just want to see more flicks n films. We're also pretty stoked to see more diversity in the runnings this year...hopefully Hollywood continues to be less white washed and more technicolorful. (Sorry about the bad pun...)

In any case, we hope this collection of movie tattoos hits ya right in the feels, and gets you reminiscing about all your own favorite films. We also seriously hope that if you know of a cool movie tattoo, or have one yourself, to send it our way!! Our app is perfect for uploading pics, getting in touch with artists, and booking your next piece. And if you're not seeing something you'd like to see, let us know and we'll get right on it. Like we're always saying: without you our community wouldn't be as awesome!

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