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Out Of This World Laika Tattoos Keep The Famous Doggo’s Legacy Alive

Out Of This World Laika Tattoos Keep The Famous Doggo’s Legacy Alive

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Paying honor to the canine cosmonaut with Laika tattoos

History is fraught with tales of those who gave their lives for the betterment of the human race. But not all martyrs are humans. Before mankind could take to the stars, somebody had to make sure it was relatively safe. In the year 1957 this task fell squarely on the shoulders of a stray dog from the streets of Moscow named Laika. Laika gave her life while becoming the first living creature to ever orbit the earth. Decades later, the praises of this pooch are sung loudly in books, songs, and even with Laika tattoos.

On October 30th, 1957, Laika was put into the satellite, Sputnik 2, which wasn’t launched until three days later. One of the technicians famously stated, "After placing Laika in the container and before closing the hatch, we kissed her nose and wished her bon voyage, knowing that she would not survive the flight."

We absolutely love the way these people have kept her legacy alive with a Laika tattoo. We hope this article makes you curious about the history of space exploration. It really is a fascinating topic, and Laika’s story is only one of many.

Written byTattoodo

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