Outrageous Neo Traditional Animal Tattoos by Hamish Mclauchlan

Outrageous Neo Traditional Animal Tattoos by Hamish Mclauchlan

Big cats, savage bears and even a samurai panda...Hamish Mclauchlan does it all!

Neo traditional animal tattoos are always a great source of tattoo inspiration, so enjoy! 

New Zealand based tattoo artist Hamish Mclauchlan is an artist with a skilled hand at neo traditional designs, especially when it comes to animals. From your classic big cats to the more creative samurai panda Mclauchlan has it down. The colors, shades and character he puts into each design truly shines out in the finished piece and each one of his tattoos will leave you loving his style. 

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Check out his rad neo traditional animal tattoos below and let us know which critter you like the best! 

All photos from Mclauchlan's Instagram!

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