Outstanding Traditional Color Tattoos by Valerie Vargas

Outstanding Traditional Color Tattoos by Valerie Vargas

Here's more body art from one of the best traditional tattooists in the world.

We're back with more tattoos by Valerie Vargas, but today, they're in color. Vargas is an incredibly talented tattooist with the ability to render a number of motifs within the style, such as American traditional imagery as well as iconography from other cultures. Here's a sample of her wonderful color work. They're beyond spectacular.

The way Vargas employs contrasting primary colors makes each of these stunning ladies pop. For instance, notice just how saturated she makes each one's features, rouge blushing out from their cheeks and heavy eyeshadow offsetting their stares. Each one of these ladies is to die for, especially that punk rocker and that rendition of Taarna from Heavy Metal.

Some of our personal favorite tattoos from Vargas' incredible portfolio are those of her signature sorceresses. The wicked ladies can put a spell on any beholder. Their maniacal expressions, pallid skin, and eyes that blaze with color make them some of her most revetting illustrations. We also love how they sometimes visually cast incantations through Vargas' incorporation of glowing green flames and lightning around their hands or on their fingertips. These magical ladies epitomize the word "bewitching." Say a prayer for us, because we might as well be hexed.

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If you wish to see more of Vargas' magical work, check out her Instagram and website. She tattoos at Modern Classic Tattoo in Fulham, London and is in high demand, so reach out to her well in advance if you want some of her exquisite art work on your skin.

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