Pabst Blue Ribbon Tattoos For The Tiny Hipster In All Our Hearts

Pabst Blue Ribbon Tattoos For The Tiny Hipster In All Our Hearts

Celebrating PBR’s big win at the 1893 World’s Fair with PBR tattoos.

Today we’re taking a look at what is probably the most heavily represented beer when it comes to tattoos – Pabst Blue Ribbon. Since the mid-19th century the brew has been enjoyed by both hipsters and non-hipsters alike. And trust us, those 1850s hipsters were men and women of the utmost discerning tastes. Let’s face it, Pabst is hip, they’re with it. What better way to show appreciation than by slamming back a cold one? Why with a sick (and totally hip) PBR tattoo, of course.

PBR is a totally cool beer company who really knows how to hook it up. I’m hard pressed to think of another brand of beer that would happily donate pallets of product to a DIY punk house show, but I’ve seen Pabst do just that several times over. The company is happy to sponsor anything remotely hip. They’ve even sponsored the RVA Beard League, for fuck’s sake. If there’s anything more hipster than a beard league, we don’t even want to know about it.

The rise of PBR in the early 2000s is a really fascinating study in marketing. By the end of the ‘90s, the brand was in a major sales slump. In a few short years, Pabst completely reinvented itself as the de facto beer of choice for the emerging culture of hipsters by seemingly making no changes to the brand. It’s appeal seemingly lies in how authentically uncool it is. Sure, there’s countless millions that have been spent in niche marketing to achieve this goal, but it doesn’t seem like it.

If you think PBR is merely the cheap drink of choice for young Americans, you’re wrong. It’s so much more. For example, in China, Pabst is a luxury brand with a bottle commanding a price of $44 USD. This makes no sense, as PBR is cheap and everything in China is cheap. And we love it.

Considering it’s the choice of beer for a generation of people we really wouldn’t want to be friends with, is it any surprise there are some amazingly hip PBR tattoos out there? So why not crack open a cold one, regardless of the time of day, and take in these sick Pabst tattoos?

Don’t these PBR tattoos just seem so hip and authentic, just like you? What are you waiting for? Go down a twelve pack of this ancient beverage and muster up the courage to get one yourself. Don’t just take our word for it, listen to the immortal Dennis Hopper on this one.

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