Painted Skin: Colorful Watercolor Tattoos By Olya Levchenko

Painted Skin: Colorful Watercolor Tattoos By Olya Levchenko

These stunning watercolor tattoos have style and grace.

Olya Levchenko is a tattoo artist from Black Label Tattoo Studio in Ukraine. She tattoos in a variety of different styles but is gaining notoriety for watercolor tattoos without black outline. 

Most tattooist believe in the importance of contrast and silhouette for the longevity of a tattoo, making watercolor tattoos rather divisive in the tattoo community. One thing that all of them agree on? If you're going to work in this style, it's important to use heavy blacks or, at the very least, dark values of colors to ensure you have a tattoo that won't turn into a blob in a couple of years. 

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