Painterly Masterpieces by Megan Jean Morris

Painterly Masterpieces by Megan Jean Morris

It only takes one look at her portfolio to see that Megan Jean Morris is a painter at heart.

The idea that tattoos can be considered fine art is a relatively new one. That was in part due to stigmas against the body art in the western world, but it has also been driven by a generation of tattooers with backgrounds in fine art pushing the boundaries of this art form. At the forefront of that revolution is the amazingly talented Megan Jean Morris. 

Morris works in many different genres — surrealism, realism, black and grey, watercolor — but the common denominator between them all is the painterly appearance they all have. Having started her art career working on canvas and not skin, Morris takes a slightly different approach than many tattooers and it is evident in her work. This is particularly noticeable when she takes the leap to work freehand. That's right, no stencil, just tattooing directly onto a very courageous client serving as a blank canvas.

What makes Morris' work so astounding is the way that she can take a portrait and attack it in so many different ways. Black and grey? Check. Color realism? Check. A surrealistic dreamscape? Check. One cannot understate the amount of skill it takes for a tattooer to jump between styles and genres with such aplomb. 

Please take a second to give the tattoo above a good look. It is truly astounding. Who would deny that this was a piece of fine art? 

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When a tattooer is able to reach into their bag of tricks to pull out just about any technique necessary to create the perfect tattoo it is truly special to behold. Morris is a prime example of an artist that can create magic with both a paint brush and a tattoo machine. How could anybody deny that her work is fine art? 

Megan Jean Morris can be found on Instagram, at conventions all over the world, and at Painted Soul Tattoos in Connecticut. 

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