Painterly-style Flowers by Janice Bao Bao

Painterly-style Flowers by Janice Bao Bao

Beautiful Neo-Traditional Bunches to Brighten Up Your Day

It’s the day after the election, and regardless of your political ideologies, I’d say it’s safe to bet that most of the world, if not all, is still in shock. In case you’re having some post-election feelings, woes, and a general sense of dread, we thought it prudent to give you a few flower tattoos. Because after all, if a beautiful bunch can’t cheer up even the gloomiest of days, what can?

Based out of Toronto, Ontario, tattoo artist Janice Bao Bao is creating beautiful renditions of botanical beauties, whose style is just as varied as the species of flowers she creates. Combining elements of watercolor, neo-traditional, and the occasional black and grey piece, Bao Bao’s work is simply stunning. Favoring softer color palettes, her work is often illustrative in nature, and perfectly depicts the subtle movement in petals. Lush and pillowy, her flowers are a true thing of beauty, so regardless of whether or not you’ve got a green thumb, these are one of the few plants that you just might be able to keep from going crunchy and dead, unlike American politics. We hope they shed even the tiniest ray of sunshine for you on this historical day.

Want to see more of Bao Bao’s work? Check out her Instagram. Also, check out the shop she is tattooing out of Chronic Ink Tattoos.

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