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Palm Tattoos: We Promise the Pain is Worth it

Palm Tattoos: We Promise the Pain is Worth it

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These palm tattoos prove that although you may sitting in pain for what feels like an eternity, the finished piece will be well worth it.

If you have palm tattoos then you probably already know...they hurt. Like a bitch. It's definitely not fun, but come on! What tattoos are painless? Seriously, if you have an answer for that, let us know. One day maybe technology will catch up with creating painless tattoos but as of yet, we're not there. Bummer. In the meantime we take solace in knowing that though tattoos hurt, they are totally freakin worth it, yo! An hour or so of pain, for a lifetime of artistic expression? Think of your body as a living canvas, and you are an art collector.

There are many cool things about palm tattoos...perhaps you know that because of the quality of skin, tattooers are forced to keep it pretty simple: bold line work and super tough black fill work best. This means that your artist has to get a little creative to create a design that not only works with the skin of your hand, but also looks hella tiiiiiight, G. We feel like the palm tattoos in this collection show just that: they range from clean illustrative work to insane sacred geometric blackwork, but no matter what: they are just totally incredible.

Props to whoever out there first discovered that palm tattoos are definitely doable and incredibly cool. We also feel like if you aren't ready for a job stopper on the back of your hand, your palm may be the way to go. People honestly don't notice at just looks like you were bored in that office meeting and doodled on your hand, when SURPRISE it's actually permanent ink, not ballpoint. Also, how often do you go around showing your palms? Probably when you give high fives, but is that even a thing anymore? Maybe it is. But it usually happens in a moment of no one will notice your sick skull palm tattoo until you out right show it off. Just sayin. Try it out!

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