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Palmistry Inspired Hands by Tine Defiore

Palmistry Inspired Hands by Tine Defiore

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Ten Divine Dismembered Digits

There’s something about line work that’s incredibly alluring. Perhaps it’s the darker tones that evoke a sense of mystery and magic, or maybe it’s because the overall content matter seems to be a little more mystical and foreboding, but whatever it is we’re completely bewitched. One of our favorite line work subjects that recently seems to be popping up in quite a few places are hands, and artist Tine Defiore is no stranger to this, creating elegant and witchy dismembered digits.

Creating everything from flowers, to insects, and even bondage inspired tattoos, her work as a whole is incredibly dark and sensual, which is why it’s no surprise that Defiore’s mystical palm tattoos are some of her best. With thin, long fingers and nails long enough that they nearly resemble claws or talons, Defiore’s hand tattoos are wild with enigmatic energy, at times even making references to the art of palmistry and divination. Dismembered hands holding flowers, wrapped in bondage style knots, and some even bearing the all seeing eye at the center of the palm, Defiore’s work is nothing short of magical. The amount of talent displayed is enough to make you question whether or not supernatural forces are behind her mystagogical work.

You can see more of Defiore’s work on her Instagram.

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