Paris Hilton Tattooed Her Autograph on Her Friend's Arm

Paris Hilton Tattooed Her Autograph on Her Friend's Arm

Hilton gave her friend Jasmine Waltz the only tattoo she could give.

Millionaire hotel heiress and former television personality, Paris Hilton is a tattooist now! That's right, you read it correctly. Paris Hilton gave someone a tattoo. Who did she give it to?! What was the tattoo of?! Get ready for a riveting story of tattoo legend.

Paris Hilton tattooed her signature onto her friend Jasmine Waltz's arm.

Okay, it definitely won't be a moment that will go down in tattoo history, but it's newsworthy I suppose.

Hilton gave Waltz the tattoo at the 6th Annual Treats! Magazine Halloween Party. She gave her a "P" for Paris, as Hilton explained via Snapchat. Well, jokes on Jasmine Waltz, because she got the entire name tattooed on her arm shortly after Paris said it was just going to be the "P."

Jasmine Waltz's tattoo. #ParisHilton #Celebrities #JasmineWaltz

Good for Jasmine for being cool about this whole thing. Paris gave her the most narcissistic tattoo she could think of, and Jasmine has been laughing it off it appears. We'll have to see if Jasmine will get behind the tattoo machine and pay the favor back to Ms. Hilton.

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