Paris Jackson Got a Standing Rock Tattoo

Paris Jackson Got a Standing Rock Tattoo

In a sign of solidarity with the Standing Rock protestors, Paris Jackson got a tattoo.

For many weeks now, protestors have been denouncing the routing of the Dakota Access Pipeline, as it would destroy the land bequeathed to the Native Americans of Standing Rock. It has caused a huge stir in the American Government and is the subject of a ton of controversy across the country. One thing is sure, the protestors are steadfast in their resolve to halt the construction of this pipeline.

One of the ways people have chosen to show their support is to get a tattoo, and a portion of the money made from these tattoos will go to those affected by the pipeline.

Numerous celebrities have come out in support of the protests, but Paris Jackson took it a step further and actually got the tattoo that shows her support for the people who will be affected.

Paris Jackson's Standing Rock tattoo. #ParisJackson #StandingRock
Paris Jackson's Standing Rock tattoo. #ParisJackson #StandingRock

The daughter of the late-great Michael Jackson posted on her social media accounts pictures of the tattoo and video of it getting done. She's gotten numerous tattoos since turning 18, and she's documented just about every single one of them.

Jackson also posted the way you could help fund the protests and those affected by the DAPL. The GoFundMe page is where you can join the cause if you wish to do so.

Standing Rock's charity page. #ParisJackson #StandingRock

This isn't the first time I've written about Paris Jackson and I know it won't be the last, but this time her tattoo had a cause behind it, and I can dig that. 

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