Parrot Man Admits to Spending Pension Money on Tattoos and Body Mods

Parrot Man Admits to Spending Pension Money on Tattoos and Body Mods

Ted Richards, aka Parrot Man, is trying to turn himself into a parrot and he revealed how he's paying for it all. Polly wanna Pension Plan!

Ted Richards, a man from Bristol, England, has decided that his life's purpose is to look like his favorite bird, the parrot. The 57-year-old has had his eyes tattooed, installed horns on his head (newsflash, parrots don't have horns), and cut his ears off, all in an effort to turn himself into a parrot.

Well, "Parrot Man" went on This Morning to talk about his tattoos, body modifications, and just how he is financing all of this.

"I’ve come right out of my shell," Richards explained to the anchors, "since I’ve been doing all this, I’ve been talking to a lot more people."

Well, social media users got on the internet to voice their opinions about Ted, and as you would expect, opinions varied. Many people trashed him, and made fun of him, while others showed their support for his decision.

But it didn't stop there. Ted revealed his plans to turn his nose into a beak and continue the process of turning into a Parrot, even going as so far as legally changing his name to "Ted Parrotman."

How's he paying for all of this? His pension money from when he worked at a shoe factory.

Ted Parrotman, the man who wants to become a parrot. #Parrotman #TedRichards #TedParrotman #Parrot

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Kudos to Ted Parrotman for expressing himself the way he wants. If he feels good doing it, more power to him. I hope he finally realizes his dream one day of becoming a parrot and can even fly. 

In the mean time, wow.

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