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Party Animals by The Leisure Bandit

Party Animals by The Leisure Bandit

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Twelve like, totally rad and tubular animals, dude.

As we’ve discussed in length, animal tattoos are some of the absolute best. A cute critter will never go out of style, and as an added bonus, you’ll have a lifelong friend. You can never go wrong with an animal tattoo, whether it be a dolphin, dog, or deer. As in life, animals are far superior to any possible competitor. Flowers? Yes. Pin ups? Yes. A commemorative portrait of your dead grandmother? Yes. When in doubt, go with the animal. The only thing that could possibly make an animal tattoo better is a silly animal tattoo, and rest assured that we’ve found the most creative, hilarious, and absolutely brilliant animal portraits out there. May we introduce you to The Leisure Bandit’s party animals.

Tattooing out of Perth in Western Australia, Leisure Bandit, aka Brodie, specializes in everything fun and funky, like a seagull tattoo with Steven Seagal’s head, as well as a mustachioed, poncho and sombrero wearing cactus. But perhaps his most unique and colorful tattoos are his original party animals. Drawing inspiration from 80’s throwbacks like Miami Vice and Top Gun, Leisure Bandit creates kooky, colorful, and absolutely ridiculous animals in traditional 80s cool-guy wear. Oversized aviators that look like they’ve been ripped from Hulk Hogan’s head, gold chains long enough they’d make Mr. T envious, and a distinctly suave quality that makes us half expect they’ll offer us a ride in their 1985 Chevy Camaro, Leisure Bandit’s animals are top notch.

Using distinct teals, pinks, cyans, and that perfect jazzercise purple that only graces the likes of vintage leotards, Leisure Bandit creates whole personas in his party animal tattoos. Relying on classic 80s motifs like striped triangles, palm trees, and those hilariously reflective sunglasses, it’s easy to see that he prefers his tattoos with a side of humor — the kookier, the better. 

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

Staff Writer at Tattoodo. I have a three legged cat that drools.

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