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Peace Comes From Within: Centering Buddhist Tattoos

Peace Comes From Within: Centering Buddhist Tattoos

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These beautiful Buddhist tattoos celebrate the power of mindfulness; spreading peace and compassion one loving thought at a time.

We get tattoos to express the deepest innermost parts of ourselves that people can really tell from the outside. This includes our beliefs, our loves, and what we are highly devoted to. For some people that includes their religion. In this selection of Buddhist Tattoos, we celebrate the mindful techniques of these artists to respectfully honor one of the oldest philosophies and religions known to mankind. No matter what your practice is, we hope you can appreciate the beauty of these pieces and the tranquility that each is embodied with. Tattooing can be a meditative practice, and these Buddhist tattoos show that perfectly.

Now there is a lot of controversy over getting the face of the Buddha tattooed directly on your body, so you always want to make sure you put that in a respectful place...but there are tons of Buddhist tattoos that also don't include a portrait of the Buddha! There are many other characters including in the legends and stories of Buddhist texts, not to mention all the mudras (the hand gestures of the Buddha) each of which has a meaning all it's own! There's also motifs like lotus', fire, skulls and so much more...remember that there are also many different types of Buddhism..including Zen, Mahayana, and Tibetan.

One of the most powerful aspects of Buddhist thought is that of tolerance. Matched with the philosophy of compassion, these two mindfulness practices can be used to give love and support to everything around you, even things you may not agree with or like! That may be your difficult co-workers, your car that keeps breaking down, and even maybe yourself! Buddhist tattoos are reminders to the wearer to have patience, and to be full of all the good things in the world. There is a saying: Take in all the bad, and put out all the good. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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