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Penelope Gwen and Tattooist Max Rathbone Are THE Cutest Couple

Penelope Gwen and Tattooist Max Rathbone Are THE Cutest Couple

Entertainment1 min Read

Make-up artist and model Penelope Gwen documents getting her first large tattoo from boyfriend Max Rathbone.

Penelope Gwen v-blogs about boyfriend Max Rathbone, renowned UK tattooist and 'king of the peony tattoo'.

Penelope Gwen is a make-up artist, model and portrait photographer based in Birmingham, England. She's currently getting a new tattoo from her partner in crime, Max Rathbone. The video below gives an insight into what it's like to get a large tattoo in stages (stay tuned for the chat at the end to hear some great hints and tips from one of the UK's most renowned tattooers, Mr Max Rathbone himself).

Upper leg tattoo outline by Max Rathbone #maxrathbone #phoenix #bird #penelopegwen

Penelope Gwen modelling, 'Poe's Raven' photo via Instagram @stoney_darkstone #poe #raven #photography #penelopegwen

Two very talented people with a wicked sense of humour make for a very funny boyfriend video - watch below (love the story of how these guys met) ;-)

Pink peony tattoo by Max Rathbone #MaxRathbone #peony #flower #neotrad #neotraditional

Max tattoos in Birmingham, UK, in his studio, Second City Tattoo Club. 

Photos from Max and Penelope's Instagram accounts.

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