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Pens, Pencils, and Paint: Tattoos For Artists of All Kinds

Pens, Pencils, and Paint: Tattoos For Artists of All Kinds

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In this collection of inspiring tattoos, we bring pieces together that we think the creative artists in your life will love!

Technically we actually believe that every person out there is an artist...we are all creating our lives as we live them! We're also always, hopefully, being stimulated and inspired by everything around us. Even if you have a boring office job, we're sure sometimes you'll have to do some serious creative thinking...even if it's just figuring how to leave the office early without your boss noticing. So, yes, we believe everyone will enjoy aspects of these tattoos for artists, but we're also pretty sure that some of you crafty creatives out there will really get a kick out of all these paint brushes and palettes!

You may not really believe it but everyone can draw! Even those stick figures can create really powerful images (just check out ignorant tattoo artists like Sean From Texas)...really it may come down to having had a really great fine art teacher when you were a kid. That seems to help a lot since experimenting with art supplies and new techniques can be intimidating...

Some people aren't fortunate enough to experience art in their schools, but if you have a serious love for tattoos and tattooing without even realizing it, you've cultivated a love for all things creative. These tattoos may be for artistic people in mind, but tattooing is one of those mediums that sort of includes all other mediums. Think about it: pop culture, music, food, performance, even film and video, can all be a part of the tattoo community in one way or another. If you don't believe us, just head over to our Tattoodo TV

Sometimes people who paint or play around with art supplies don't think of themselves as "artists"...and we can't all be Van Gogh or Dali, but even if you don't think you're good enough to hang your creations in the Louvre, making art is such a cathartic thing to do. Many people who work with clay or knit say that working with their hands helps bring them peace and flow. Get this, "Research has shown that hand activity from knitting to woodworking to growing vegetables or chopping them are useful for decreasing stress, relieving anxiety, and modifying depression. There is value in the routine action, the mind rest, and the purposeful creative, domestic or practical endeavor. Functioning hands also foster a flow in the mind that leads to spontaneous joyful, creative thought. Peak moments occur as one putters, ponders and daydreams. One can be tickled, moved or transformed by a thought or idea along the way as well as by the endpoint."

There's also this moment, for many, when something is's a feeling of pride in yourself for being super DIY. It's empowering, and can often be really transformative. You don't have to be some uber famous painter or sculpture to enjoy making things or these tattoos for artists! Whether you do watercolor, sketch with charcoal, or even dance around on a stage, we hope that no matter how you spend your time, you're satisfied. And maybe here and there we can help inspire your artistic journey!

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