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Perfect Blackwork Tattoos by Laura Martinez (Nothing Wild)

Perfect Blackwork Tattoos by Laura Martinez (Nothing Wild)

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Laura Martinez aka Nothing Wild combines linework and geometric designs to create blackwork tattoos that are sheer perfection.

Laura Martinez tattoos out of Sins and Needles Tattoo in NYC. She is well versed in linework and often uses her skill set to create unique and creative geometric tattoos. 

Originally from France, Laura Martinez is now based out of NYC. Her tattoos are thoughtful and elegant, and although she also tattoos in color I am featuring primarily blackwork in this post. Her ability to combine multiple different images together with a geometric twist makes for some stunning images. Perhaps Laura Martinez is on her way to becoming a tattoo artist sought after by celebrities, having recently tattooed the beautiful flower mandalas on Chris Chalk, pictured above. 

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Cover image via Nothing Wild's website.

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