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Perfect Pieces For All: Tattoodo App Tattoo Artist Spotlight

Perfect Pieces For All: Tattoodo App Tattoo Artist Spotlight

Tattoo Ideas5 min Read

For this Tattoodo App Tattoo Artist Spotlight, we selected some incredible ink that spans many tattoo styles and techniques. Inspo, much?

In this selection of awesome tattoos, we again wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the incredible Tattoodo App artists who are part of our community. At Tattoodo we are consistently devoted to bringing you work, events, and more, from the best of the best...and there is so much talent out there that we literally will never run out of incredible things to show you. We try to support not only veterans of the tattoo industry like Ami James and Chris Garver, but up and coming artists like Dora Hu. Diversity is key, since tattooing truly isn’t a “one size fits all” kind of thing.

Tons of New Tattoo Inspiration Every Day

Since we have over 9 million users on our tattoo app, the amount of amazing uploads is astounding. The high quality of talented tattooists on our site makes it an awesome experience for people who crave constant tattoo eye candy. You can check out our Tattoo Inspiration Feed, survey tattoos by style, or check out our tattoo idea articles. All of these you can simply look at, but you can also like them, or even save them for later. You can create boards in your app profile and label them for tattoos you hope to get in the future, such as “My Next Tattoo” or “Illustrative Inspo.” We even have a space where you can put in the tattoos you collect from artists!

The best thing about collections like this is that not only are these some of the best tattoos from some of the best artists in the Tattoodo's also definitely not a cohesive list. There are literally thousands more images in our tattoo archives, as well as many more tattoo artists and shops.

How to Book with a Tattoo Artist

With Tattoodo's booking feature out and about and connecting awesome tattoo collectors with awesome tattooists, we thought it would be nice to do another spotlight on some of the great tattoo artists on our app! We love what these people are doing: dedicated to the art form that is tattooing, they consistently create incredible things that boggle our minds and fill us with the best eye candy out there. No matter what style you dig, we've got someone who can do it! Check out our Tattoodo App User Guide to learn more.

After you book, we even have guides and articles that help you prepare for a first tattoo, how to care for new tattoos, and even a guide that talks about how much tattoos cost. We make sure that your journey towards your next tattoo is as smooth as possible!

Connecting You With Tattoo Artists Around the World

Whether you’re traveling or just looking to pick up a piece in your hometown, the tattoo artists on our platform are bookable no matter where you happen to be on the globe. You can search for particular cities, use our studio search to find something close by, while also searching through tattooists to find the perfect fit for your next tattoo project. You can also browse through tattoos via specific styles, like Chicano, and check out if it was either uploaded by an artist or if an artist is tagged!

Artists like Paul Dobleman in San Francisco, and Rodrigo in New York, Kathy and Alice in London, or Tattoo Sved in Copenhagen and Mirel in Mannheim, Germany, are all on our site because they know we support the best of the best. Tattoodo wants to help connect tattoo artists and clients around the world, since that’s what this community is all about!

In-Depth Guides and Articles About Tattoos

Our articles cover everything from tattoo news or events from around the world to tattoo trends or in-depth looks at tattoo symbolism, and even artist interviews. We’re constantly creating more content for you that not only inspires, but keeps you connected to the tattoo community you love. It’s never been easier to share information, and we’re so glad we can be a part of that!

We even have guides, like our Beginner's Guide, to explain some of the most well-known styles out there with in depth articles about their history, and styles, as well as the tattoo artists who specialize in those areas. Basically, we're here to support the community...and that means you! These awesome tattoos are just the beginning...check out our app and you'll find a whole lot more. You can even upload your own tattoos and tag your local artists in the images! There is no end to the possibilities. We're here to make lasting connections built upon a shared devotion to one of the best art forms in the world: tattooing.

We also try to make sure to support artists who are part of communities that don't often get enough time in the spotlight. You've asked for more coverage of LGBTQ+ artists, as well as POC artists, and we definitely want to make sure your voice is heard. It's so important for us to give you awe-inspiring inspiration for your next tattoo, and the only way we can do that is if we include everything and everyone we can: the exemplary and epitome of high quality work in every single aesthetic, style, and community. This is what makes Tattoodo your one stop for all things tattoo!

Curated Tattoo Content Just For You

Along with some of the best tattoos out there, we also wanted to reach out and let you guys know that we're working on a bunch of different ways to make our platform better for you, which means interesting and new content, like our Sessions and Inkounters, that spotlight tons of awesome studios and artists around the world.

We're always updating what we have one our site, always evolving to stay up to date, in the loop and relevant for you! We want to make sure that you have all the tools you need to get the best tattoo of your dreams. Although good tattoos aren't cheap, and cheap tattoos aren't good, we know with our help you can become so super educated that you'll make an awesome decision that's right for you. And we definitely hope you'll upload your new piece on your app profile so we can check out the sick new ink you get!!

And as always, although we've brought together these awesome tattoos from tattooists within our Tattoodo App, if you're not seeing something, or want to see more of something, let us know! Right now we're working on creating more incredible content for you, as well as more events, articles, and coverage of the best shops in your area. This isn't just a job for us, it's a way of life...and we know that many of you feel exactly the same! So thank you, always, for being a part of this community! We hope you enjoy your time here!

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