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Perrie Edwards May Have a New  Hand Tattoo

Perrie Edwards May Have a New Hand Tattoo

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The Little Mix singer took to Instagram to show off the artwork on her paw, which may or may not be temporary.

Chances are if you know who the band Little Mix is, you are a 12-year-old girl, that 12-year-old girl's sibling, or you know that one of their singers was engaged to One Direction's Zayn Malik. That's pretty much the only reason you should know who Perrie Edwards is, the aforementioned lady who was engaged to Zayn.

Perrie Edwards' henna tattoo. (via IG - perrieeele) #PerrieEdwards #LittleMix #Music #TemporaryTattoo

Edwards has enjoyed a great deal of success with Little Mix, as they are one of the fastest-selling girl groups in the history of the UK, and have garnered many number one singles. As of August 2016, the girl group has three platinum selling albums and 11 certified platinum singles in the UK.

Well. That certainly was something. It definitely exists in the world. That's a number one single in the UK. That's what it looks like. That's what it sounds like. Now we all know what Little Mix is all about.

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