Peter Sallis, Star of Wallace and Gromit, Dead At 96

Peter Sallis, Star of Wallace and Gromit, Dead At 96

The beloved actor brought joy to the entire world with his role in the Wallace and Gromit films

The world of entertainment suffered a monumental loss this week with the passing of Peter Sallis, who for years provided the voice of the titular Wallace from the beloved stop motion animation series of films Wallace and Gromit.

This one hits a little close to home for me. When I was a wee lad, I loved the first three Wallace and Gromit films quite a bit. So much so that I went to school in Wallace and Gromit shirts. I even purchased the official Wallace and Gromit alarm clock at Suncoast video and for several years awoke each morning to a recording of Wallace saying “Morning, Gromit, time for walkies,” over and over again. It only now occurs to me that the voice of my childhood alarm clock has passed away.

Sallis enjoyed a long career in the theater and on the big and small screen alike. He enjoyed a lengthy career becoming known the world over for lending his voice to the nicest man made of clay to ever exist. Sallis was most famous for having appeared in all 295 episodes of the world’s longest running sitcom The Last of the Summer Wine between 1973 and 2010. Prior to his casting as Wallace, Sallis voiced the character of Rat over six seasons of The Wind in the Willows.

But it was in 1989 that Sallis landed the role he will be most fondly remembered for. The first masterpiece of claymation from Nick Park, A Grand Day Out, catapulted the characters of Wallace and Gromit to instant fame and for the next twenty years, Sallis provided the voice heard by countless millions of Wallace and Gromit fans around the world.

In honor of Sallis’ legacy, we’ve got some amazingly wonderful Wallace and Gromit tattoos for you today. If you aren’t familiar with this series of films, please, check them out immediately. They stand as some of the most pure and wholesome entertainment ever made.

Peter Sallis passed away on June 2nd at the age of 96 after entertaining the world over half a century. He shall be missed.

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