Phenomenal Full Front Tattoos by Stu Padgin

Phenomenal Full Front Tattoos by Stu Padgin

Dramatic designs on a large scale!

The epic nature of these full front tattoos by Stu Padgin has no end!

Stu Padgin is an artist you've most probably heard of, and if not you're more than likely to have seen some of his work- even if you didn't know it! Known for a bold neo traditional style that also draws on many aspects of Japanese tattooing, Padgin is one talented guy.

Using his bold and dramatic style Padgin has created some of the best full front tattoos in the world, and that is no exaggeration. The quality and finish of his full front tattoos is remarkable and each tattoo will leave you mind blown!

Now while we've brought you some of his work before, in his Creative Dagger tattoos, it's time to look to his bigger and more impressive tattoos!

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