Phil Hatchet-Yau's Lady Tattoos

Phil Hatchet-Yau's Lady Tattoos

One can't help but falling head over heels for the beautiful neo-traditional work Phil Hatchet-Yau.

Since the advent of social media, tattoo artists have been taking advantage of this new way to reach a broader audience. It's gone through waves with every art form. Comedian Dane Cook blew up via his adept usage of MySpace, Justin Bieber became a star via his YouTube videos, and now tattoo artists are taking advantage of the photo-centric Instagram in order to reach new eyes on their products and designs.

One artist who has benefitted a great deal from his social media presence is Phil Hatchet-Yau. His growing following of over 37k fans has catapulted his visibility, and he's seeing his fanbase steadily expand.

Once you see his Neo-Traditional lady tattoos, you'll want to give him a follow as well. His take on this classic subject makes him stand out amongst the rest.

Hatchet-Yau works out of Tahiti Felix's Master Tattoo in San Diego, California. The shop has been around since 1949, and boasts some of the most talented traditional and neo-traditional artists in the country. It's one of the oldest tattoo shops in the country, and this family owned shop is happy to house Hatchet-Yau.

There is one detail that makes Hatchet-Yau's women stand out among the sea of millions of lady head tattoos — the eyes. There is such a depth of emotion portrayed through each set of peepers. Sadness, despair, mischief, joy, seduction — you can see all of these feelings in the eyes of Hatchet-Yau's portraits. 

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So give Hatchet-Yau a follow on Instagram and see what all of the fuss is about. You won't be disappointed. 

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