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Phil Hatchet-Yau's Traditional Tattoos

Phil Hatchet-Yau's Traditional Tattoos

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

Feast your eyes on some incredible and unique traditional work.

Phil Hatchet-Yau is a tattoo artist worth following, immediately. His traditional work is seriously top-notch, and the way he crafts the content of his tattoos is unique. Hatchet-Yau manages to tell a story with every tattoo. His work is firmly rooted in the traditional style, with his own sense of flair and panache. 

Hatchet-Yau's work is classic with its solid, consistent line work and shading techniques. But his color fades are a whole 'nother story. His tattoos are vibrant, his color choices complement his subjects.

There's also something somewhat uncanny with Hatchet-Yau's work. The same eye peeks out at us from various objects and animals, and his creature's eyes and human's eyes all contain the same forlorn gleam. 

All of the objects in Hatchet-Yau's work have a excellent primary and secondary light source as well. We can see how the pearls in his tattoos gleam brightly, but also have a reflective quality, giving his work a sense of depth. The baubles and refractive surfaces in his traditional tattoos are eye-catching, and literally illuminating. 

Hatchet-Yau has a wonderful Instagram we recommend swinging by, and Master Tattoo, being such a landmark, has a museum worth checking out. Go get yourself over to San Diego, friends. 

Hateful Kate
Written byHateful Kate

Tiny illustrator and artist rocking out in Red Hook, BK.

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