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Pho King Awesome: Ramen Tattoos

Pho King Awesome: Ramen Tattoos

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There is nothing like a big bowl of comforting broth and noodles and these Ramen Tattoos give homage to just that.

Okay, first off, we realize Pho and Ramen are totally different and from different countries. We also realize that these ramen tattoos are just that....ramen tattoos....but pho seems to be left in the dust, and we hope that those searching for the perfect pho tattoo will come to this seriously beautiful collection of ramen tattoos to be inspired...because there are very few things as comforting and soul completing as a bowl of delicious soup with noodles no matter what the heck it's called or what the ingredients happen to be. So, although you and your friends may sit around and talk about pho vs ramen, perhaps ya'll can just shut the hell up, stop arguing, and start slurping!

Some sources say that ramen has Chinese origins, while others say it was invented in Japan in the early 20th century. The first ramen shop opened in Yokohama in 1910, however, and was a hit. And to this very day we celebrate the goodness of noodles and broth by bad ass ramen tattoos...which, honestly, are some of our favorites. Especially those created by our ambassador Wendy Pham who uses her unique style, and some cool animal friends, to illustrate colorful, stand-out and imaginative pieces.

In 1958 instant noodles were invented by Nissin Foods, and they traveled overseas to multiple countries creating a never ending food fad! As these ramen tattoos prove...the love for ramen will go on forever. Not only is it just an all around perfect comfort food, but it's also a great hangover cure...just sayin. And also, just so you know, if these ramen tattoos don't exactly satisfy your need for soup, you should probs travel over to Yokohama to check out the ramen museum that opened in 1994. They have an insane collection of cup o noodles...and, of course, a restaurant serving up bowls of greatness daily. 

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