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Photos and Videos from the 2016 Tattoofest Krakow

Photos and Videos from the 2016 Tattoofest Krakow

TattoodoTV1 min Read

Head to this convention in Poland if you want to see some of the most vivid tattoo art in the world.

I went to Krakow Tattoofest in 2014 and returned with an increased obsession with bright and bold tattoos. 

Fish tattoo by Spendlo that won 3rd place in Small Colour at Tattoofest. Photo taken from Instagram @tattoofestconvention #Krakow #TattooFest #Poland #cubism #fish #brightcolours #abstract #surrealism

I discovered so many talented artists over there, and it was clear that there's mad tattoo talent coming out of Poland and Eastern Europe. Krakow is a friendly, colourful, arty city... and its annual tattoo convention follows the same style. It looks like this year's convention was no exception - the video below says it all!

The show is jam packed with artists using experimental and abstract styles, meaning you're bound to explore tattoo art that you've never seen before in your life. If you're looking for a refreshing and interesting convention - this is the one. 

For more photos from Tattoofest Convention Krakow head over to their Instagram.

Written byRebecca

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