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Pickled Pink: Hilarious Pink Panther Tattoos

Pickled Pink: Hilarious Pink Panther Tattoos

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These Pink Panther tattoos are a tribute to a cartoon character that is absolutely iconic in TV land.

You can barely disconnect the Henry Mancini theme from that cute kitty you gotta love: the Pink Panther. As soon as he slinks up and into view, you suddenly hear it...that sly sax and piano mix that definitely perfectly matches one of our favorite cartoon characters. And as these Pink Panther tattoos show, he's touched the hearts of many. From Woo Loves You's funny take on the kitty kat meets trad skull, to Jason Ochoa's Coolest Panther ever, we're sure you'll find something here that will make you wanna run out and get your favorite old school character forever imprinted on your skin.

Believe it or not, the Pink Panther series was actually a spin off from the films by longtime director and producer, Blake Edwards. And no, we're not talking about the awful Steve Martin remake, we're talking about the OG 1963 hilarious enterprise that starred Peter Sellers as a bumbling idiot detective awkwardly making his way through a jewel heist to the bandit who stole it. The jewel, known as the Pink Panther, was the impetus behind the character we all love created by Friz Freleng. Although the pink feline was only used in the opening credit scenes, it spawned a cartoon television series, and these badass Pink Panther tattoos!

It's pretty incredible when something created decades ago still resonates with us today, right? 1963 was 55 years ago, and yet the cute cat still speaks to the humors of millions of people around the world. And get this: he never says a word. Ever. Oh, except way later when the OG series was hijacked by a newer company, and they decided to give him an obnoxious hoity toity British accent, which we assume was satire, but who cares. We'll choose to ignore it. The real Pink Panther was too cool, and way to slinky secretive, to ever bother with talking. But maybe if he saw these Pink Panther tattoos, he'd open his mouth long enough to let out a sweet wolf whistle!

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