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Pink Perfect - Why I'm in Love with Tattoos by Nikko Adams

Pink Perfect - Why I'm in Love with Tattoos by Nikko Adams

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

I love the cute and colorful tattoo art of Nikko Adams.

To be quite honest, I'm ashamed of myself for not featuring the work of this artist sooner - what was I thinking?! Well, now my head is out of the sand and I am pleased to present the work of Nikko Adams.

Mountain landscape tattoo by Nikko Adams #NikkoAdams #moon #mountain #landscape #forest #traditional

Anyone who reads my articles regularly knows what I'm a sucker for. Donuts. Glitter. Cats. Sparkle. Gems. Color. Pink sh*t. That's why this female artist is RIGHT up my street.

Rose tattoo by Nikko Adams #NikkoAdams #rose #crystals #gems #moon

Having described her own work before as "girly traditional", this tattoo artist's work certainly brings a smile to the face of those looking at her work. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, she is in her third year of tattooing.

Nikko also runs a cool little blog too, on her website, where she seeks to answer those common questions clients have about tattoos. Why won't you tattoo a full color portrait on my knuckle?... blah, blah.

LOVE OPTIMISM HOPE tattoo by Nikko Adams #NikkoAdams #love #quotes #preach #pma

She also loves aquatic-themed tattoos, so if you're into your mermaids, starfish, shells, dolphins and that... this is your gurl.

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Witchy pentacle tattoo by Nikko Adams #NikkoAdams #witch #pentacle #pentagram #witches

All images from her Instagram feed.

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