Pixel & Glitch Tattoos by Alexey

Pixel & Glitch Tattoos by Alexey

This artist's style is ideal for tattoos in the digital age.

In today's increasingly digitized times, we are exponentially hurtling toward a technological singularity, so it seems quite natural that we sometimes feel pixelated and glitchy ourselves. Since tattoos are very much so expressions of our individuality and/or inner-lives, why shouldn't they be pixelated and glitchy, too? This is the new train of thought that tattooist Alexey seems to have embraced to transform this impending sense of existential dread into beautiful postmodern art.

It's crazy cool how Alexey's approach to the new school style captures the essence of our computerized era, in which all motifs have inconsequentially been done to death. His clever 8-bit take breathes a puff of new life into these almost overly time-honored images like roses, matryoshka dolls, and the ever-too-common Cheshire Cat, making them more indicative of humanity's 21st-century existence. We are, like his depiction of a unicorn, dashing — horn forward — into a fragmented future after all. 

Aside being the most authentic fashion with which to depict old school Mario and Princess Peach, pixelation and the illusion of glitches nod to the overall digitization of art, in which most illustration is now done primarily on computers as opposed to by hand. Tattooing is one of the final frontiers in which the old way of creation still prevails, especially in a commercial sense, so there is something very self-referential or aware to Alexey's style. His body art seems to point at the current state of tattooing and take a moment to laugh a bit, before also swimming right down mainstream with cosmic cattoos and elephant heads.

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If you want to see more pixelated and glitchy cleverness from Alexey's vivid portfolio, take a trip on over to his Instagram. Should you want your own mind-bender of a tattoo, he works at Mad Fish in Moscow, Russia and can be reached for appointments at leshalauz666@gmail.com.

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