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Play it Again, That Sweet Song: Music Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Play it Again, That Sweet Song: Music Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

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These Music Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day prove the power of song stands strong.

There are places where music cannot be found...countries that have banned it, parents that hate the sound of it, people who can't afford it. But thankfully the power of music is so strong that people will find a way to experience it no matter what! The creation of songs, of auditory splendor, is something so incredible that we felt we should celebrate it by bringing these awesome music tattoos together for you. From realism to fine line, and some things in between, we believe that these music tattoos will inspire you, and also remind you how fortunate we are to have music, and tattoos, in our lives!

One of the pieces on display today is a portrait by David Peyote, a Tattoodo fave. His music tattoo of Charles Bradley is an awesome example of realism meeting surreal abstraction...not to mention some psychedelic text spouting words we adore, "Love Always"...since Charles passed away late last year this is not only a beautiful example of a music tattoo, but also a memorial tattoo. And if you notice, many of these pieces are very powerful portraits...although many music tattoos can be fun and lighthearted, music can be a powerful tool for change. Take, for instance, Shannon Perry's portrait of Frank Ocean. His songs are deeply insightful, and he's become an icon for many LGBT communities. But even if that weren't enough, his authentic presence is inspiring all on its own. 

These music tattoos will hopefully inspire you to either jump into song, or go grab some new ink! We always love when you send us your tattoos and pop culture tattoos are some of our favorites! It's really amazing to see how music connects us just have to find those lyrics, that singer, that band, that really resonates with you...and then go get a music tattoo as an homage!

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