Playful Animé-Inspired Traditional Tattoos by Jury

Playful Animé-Inspired Traditional Tattoos by Jury

South Korean tattooer Jury brings you her traditional tattoos packed with bright, dreamy colors and cute details that will melt your heart.

Hongdae's sweetheart Jury is all about bright pastel colors, kitsch, and foxy pin up ladies. It really doesn't matter whether you're a girl or a guy because if you have a weakness for cute things, you'll be all over her tattoos in no time. 

Jury's tattoos range from heart portraits and landscapes to animé style pin ups and staple traditional tattoo pieces. They possess both elements of ‘pinkwork’ and traditional tattoos with solid linework, bold colors, and cute elements.

Let's talk about Jury's pretty pin ups and portraits. The first thing I noticed about them is how much they were inspired by animé style of drawing — with their large, twingkling eyes and proportions, they're every bit of shojo they can get. 

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Aside from animé and pinkwork designs, Jury also creates stunning semi-abstract pieces framed with simpler linework and vivid colors a la David Cote. They're ideal for anyone stuck between pretty tattoos and minimalism.

Check out the rest of Jury's kitschy works here.

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