Pleasing Primitivism: Tribal Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Pleasing Primitivism: Tribal Tattoos for Tattoo of the Day

Tattoo of the Day celebrates tribal tattoos as the authentic roots of tattooing.

Primitivism is the belief in authentic human nature liberated from societal expectations and affectations. For us, tribal tattoos are a perfect embodiment of this wonderful philosophical ideal. They are a return to the roots of tattooing, and therefore to the roots of mankind. As humans have been decorating themselves with tattoos for centuries with the lines, dots, symbols, and spirals that typically make up tribal tattoos it is, to be sure, a return to the natural human state of expression.

Tribal tattoos have had an emergence since they have finally overcome the stereotypical 90's idea of what tribal tattoos actually meant...Yes, its true, we still think of Mike Tysons iconic face piece and trashy tribal tramp stamps...which, honestly, we kind of love just because nostalgia holds deep. But thankfully artists have been keeping tribal tattoos alive with loyalty, originality, and artistry; we think this collection of tattoos proves it. Most artists who do tribal tattoos specialize in them like Nathan Mould, while others like Tati Compton and Or Kantor, have a style that is totally in harmony with tribal pieces. No matter what, though, a highly skilled artist is just that, and under the hands of these tattooists these inked designs are pretty incredible.

Why are humans so drawn to tribal tattoos? What is it about the dark lines and dots that curve around the body in such powerful ways that holds us so captive? Its such an inspiring art form that many people who choose tribal tattoos get their entire bodies covered in them...huge body pieces or just ink here and there, they never turn back. Again, perhaps its because tribal tattoos really are the base of tattooing. It has roots in the beginnings of written language, the beginnings of tattooing itself, and even the expression of being human: the first marks of fine art. They can be simple fineline beauties, complicated patterns that swirl around body parts or tiny minimalist finger adornments.

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