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Pokemon are Taking Over the Streets with Wylie Caudill

Pokemon are Taking Over the Streets with Wylie Caudill

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Street artist Wylie Caudill is creating some awesome Pokemon chalk art!

If you thought Pokemon Go was cool then you'll be blown away by this! 

Pokemon master and chalk artist Wylie Caudill is taking the Pokemon game to new levels. With an urban canvas of walls, sidewalks and buildings, Caudill brings some of the coolest Pokemon to life with his amazing chalk artworks. Whether it's a Dragonite on a brick wall or a Blastoise on the sidewalk, Caudill's chalk creations are simply amazing! 

Bringing the world of street art and gaming together, Caudill's imaginative artwork is something we can all enjoy and if you're lucky enough to see it in person be sure to savor the moment. Impressively, Caudill's current project is to bring the original 151 Pokemon to life on one giant space. Yep, he's completing his Pokedex via chalk street art! An artist certainly on the up, you're bound to see a lot more of Caudill over the next few weeks and months! 

All images from Instagram.

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